MedNorth Health Center is one of the proud recipients of the Women’s Impact Network’s Grants for 2019.  During WIN Board of Directors, Kristine Moore began the invent by saying,“This is a celebration of our working together through philanthropy and making a difference in our community,” … “Over eight years we have awarded more than $315,000 to 18 New Hanover County not-for-profits.”

“MedNorth, which serves primarily New Hanover County’s uninsured and underinsured population with primary care, dental services and behavioral health care, plans to use its grant to enhance its services through purchases in four areas:

  • ·      Blood pressure monitors for patients who will use them to manage and report their blood pressure.
  • ·      Car seats for newborns whose families cannot afford them. Althea Johnson, MedNorth CEO, believes that having a car seat will encourage more new mothers to bring their newborns to the clinic within the first five days of birth for well-baby checks, and to visit the clinic themselves for post-natal checkups.
  • ·      Wire loops used in a treatment known as Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) to remove abnormal cells from women’s cervixes, therefore reducing the incidence of cervical cancer.
  • ·      A new autoclave to sterilize instruments.

Steve McCrossan, CEO of Nourish NC, said his organization will use its grant funds for two programs that have shown great promise during recent pilot periods:

  • ·      A partnership with Nunnelee Specialty Pediatric Clinics, which serve chronically ill children, that will provide – in the doctors’ offices – boxes containing 25 meals’ worth of food and a voucher for fresh produce and meats, to patients identified as suffering from food insecurity.
  • ·      Toddler Tummy, a program that will send the same box and voucher with personnel from Smart Start and Coastal Horizons who make home visits to clients with young children.

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