Mission Statement

Building a Healthier Community.


To serve as a medical home for all our patients.

Our Values


Excellence drives everything we do. We strive for superior performance to assure health equity and to improve the quality of life of the community we serve. We enjoy what we do, we have fun.


We non-judgmentally embrace our differences and accept all cultures. We are a welcoming and family-centered organization characterized by respect and empathy.


Trust characterizes our every interaction. Our culture is one of integrity, transparency, credibility and open communication. We are responsible and accountable for all of our actions.

Patient-Focused Holistic Care

Healthy, happy people are our goal. Our focus is on timely, safe, efficient and effective services. We strive to heal the mind, body and spirit by delivering care that is individualized, confidential and coordinated.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

We are process improvement focused. The quest for continuous improvement and innovation drives our work. Continuous learning and optimization of technology allows us to adapt evidence-based guidelines and develop best practices.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We are a warm and nurturing family that puts people first. We value and invest in ourselves and our community in order to make a positive impact on social conditions.