Comprehensive Health Care For All People

Family medicine is a specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages. It is a division of primary care that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and parts of the body. It is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion. The aim of MedNorth Health Center’s family medicine is to provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing care for the individual in the context of the family and the community. Medical services included under Adult & Family Medicine at MedNorth Health Center include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Physicals

  • Pre-Employment Examinations
  • Screenings and treatment for:
    – High blood pressure
    – Diabetes
    – Cholesterol
  • Treatment of acute & chronic illnesses
  • Adult immunizations (tetanus, pneumovax, MMR. Hepatitis B, Varicella, Influenza)
  • Patient Education
  • Referrals for diagnostic testing and specialty care
Family Medicine