The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is awarding nearly $107 million in Quality Improvement Awards to 1,273 health centers across the US. MedNorth Health Center is among those award recipients.
“(These) awards recognize especially high-achieving health centers. America’s health centers are essential to producing results on our actionable public health challenges, like HIV/AIDS and the opioid crisis, as well as to building a healthcare system that delivers better value and puts the patient at the center”, said HHS Secretary Alex Azar.
Quality Improvement Awards recognize the work that health centers do to address health priorities by designating health centers that ranked in the top 1 – 2% in one or more key areas – behavioral health, diabetes prevention and management, and heart health – as National Quality Leaders. The awards also recognize achievements in improving cost-efficient care delivery while increasing quality, reducing health disparities, increasing both the number of patients served and patients’ ability to access comprehensive services, advancing use of health information technology, and delivering patient-centered care.